Max Gabriel

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  • UNPINNABLE BUTTERFLIES: demos for a cinema-musical
  • Max Gabriel: 3.Yellow.Spiders
  • 7 SPLINTERS IN TIME Original Motion Picture Score
  • FROM BAGHDAD TO BROOKLYN Original Motion Picture Score
  • Max Gabriel: The Exile of Saint Christopher
  • Film/TV Scoring: Eclectic Cues
  • Max Gabriel and the Broken Ribs
  • Max Gabriel: various demos, works in progress
Patience with this modern world, dear


Santa Maria

hold on she’s leaving on the Santa Maria straight on past the edge of the world straight on past more >>

Sweet Loretta

Adam and Eve hold hands at Widow's Peak they listen to the war on the radio while the signal more >>


I’ve been reading borrowed books guess I’m losing all my looks all my socks have holes I don’t have more >>

Something Really New

I got so many friends who are calling my nights are rich with their laughter I want a life more >>

Box of Light

driving down to New Orleans in a stolen car Ali’s sick in the back seat we’ve got 'till nightfall more >>

Patience with this modern world, dear.